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« Les Terrasses de l'Atelier »
40/44 Bd du Colonel Fabien – 94200 Ivry/Seine

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Icone pfProgram

"Les Terrasses de l'Atelier" are divided into two towers built from 1963 to 1967 under the direction of the famous Atelier de Montrouge under the management 4 architects that will mark the history in the discipline: Jean RENAUDIE - Pierre RIBOULET - Gérard THURNAUER and Jean Louis VERET.
«Les Terrasses de l'Atelier» propose a concept of stacked houses, and the principle of floors rotation around a central core offers an originality to each housing and avoids terraces superposition; the thermal and acoustic apartments comfort will be brought up to standard.

Icone pfHistory
Operation "Ivry Confluences" is part of a large-scale project across the metropolis by SADEV 94, acting as  a developer. It is the fifth of the municipal territory representing 145 hectares to be mutated, , to be highlighted and linked to the remainder of the city and Paris. This project aims to give again a genuine function of housing to  these two towers formerly owned by EDF and occupied by its staff. This fantastic project allows to  save an  historic treasure of the city. This Inheritance is classified  as  "Les Terrasses de l'Atelier"and  testified to be a part of the local contemporary history.

Icone pfSituation

terrasse atelier• 145 hectares in urban renewal at the gates of PARIS.
• A recovery of the landscape of the fluvial plain with a park and a promenade along the Seine River.
• A framework of quality of life for residents, with shops, services, equipment.



Icone pfBenefits

Les Terrasses de l’Atelier is a program of 17 homes rehabilitated for accession, from Studio up  to 5-rooms  apartments with  beautiful surfaces, balconies or terraces with unobstructed view as well as cellars, car parks, or boxes.

Petite tour
- 8 two rooms  apartments
- 1 studio
- 1 three rooms  apartment

Grande tour
- 6 five rooms apartments
- 1 three rooms apartment


Icone pfOur apartments "Petite Tour" and "Grande Tour"