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Lotissement Tanagaras & Maragons- 34970 LATTES
All freehold
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Located between Montpellier, regional capital, and the sea, bordering ponds, Lattes offers its residents a real quality of life.
With  all its visitors and inhabitants, Lattes offers the approval  of a city whose vestiges remains natural, slowly updated, and are invitations to go back in time. With its archaeological museum and the Henri-Prades excavations still in progress, a protected natural site of Mejean and his House of Nature, the Port Ariane, its many shops and restaurants, its harbor, its Romanesque church (late twelfth century) and his new church (located on the district of Port Ariane), symbols of cohabitation between past and future, his horseback, walking and cycle paths, Foxx (Camargue races, bandidos, ferrades ...), its festival theater.
Today,, Lattes does not be next directly  the sea.  But through Port Ariane,  Lattes revives a bit with its origins.
Those of a large and very old port  , which played a leading role in the economic and cultural development of the Languedoc-Roussillon.

Icone pfConfiguration
This is a residence composed of small villas band, raised in  R + 1 with garage built in the DRC.
Each  villa profits of a chimney, small private gardens from 100 to 150 m2, and a swimming pool for residents.
Some additional parking can be found in the aisles of the residence, but are not considered as visitors parking.
The  residence is wooded and well maintained, quiet, giving residents a quality of life greatly appreciated.
It also benefits from an exceptional environment for businesses, infrastructure, schools and road ways.

Icone pfOur apartments
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