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209 route de Bellet- 06200 Nice
Recent building - Free and leased apartments
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Icone pfProgram
This residence of standing, located on the hills of Nice, is made up of small building and twinned houses. This residence benefits of a swimming pool,  raised garden, and sea sight.

Strong points: Located on the hills of Nice, theis quite and good standing  residence, offers beautiful services. Each apartment benefits of  a cellar and  at least one carpark in basement or the surface.

Typology: Apartments and twinned houses from studio up to 5 parts apartment, vacant or leased.

Icone pfConfiguration
Joint ownership of less than 50 apartments from studio up to 5 parts, of which some profit from terraces or privative gardens. A splendid sight on the vines of the back countr

The 28 twinned villas rising on a stage, from 3 up to  5 parts,  are an invitation with the sun.

Icone pfOur apartments
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